[lsb-discuss] path resolution for /opt/ applications

George Kraft gk4 at austin.ibm.com
Mon Oct 22 07:47:34 PDT 2007

I've noticed that the issue of resolving the path for ISVs applications
installed in /opt/ has been pushed out to LSB 4.0?  For example, if
company WhizBang install application "widgets"
into /opt/whizbang/bin/widgets, then how does that get into the user's


Possible solutions:

1) Package creates /etc/profile.d/widgets.sh script to add runtime to
2) Package creates /opt/bin/widgets wrapper script pointing to runtime,
and /opt/bin is added to the default PATH.
3) lsbinstall (aka setup-opt) does #1, #2, or something else.



Can this be discussed now so that a solution can be concluded by the
time work begins on LSB 4.0?

George (gk4)

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