[lsb-discuss] LSB conf call notes for 2007-10-24

Jeff Licquia jeff at licquia.org
Wed Oct 24 09:21:25 PDT 2007

Attendees: Jeff, Mats, Sam, Marvin, Darren Davis, Stew, Carlos Duclos 
from TrollTech, Alexey and Vladimir from ISPRAS, Robert, George Kraft, 
Jesper from TrollTech.

F2F.  Jeff has been tweaking, please look over and give feedback, 
especially on times.

Qt 4.  Summarize the situation: Qt 4.2 is a candidate due to SuSE 10 
uplift.  Darren: confirmed the uplift, notes that this is not their 
normal practice.  Make sure our bases are covered, are there *any* other 
distros?  Robert: Xandros may be a concern.  Jeff can't find specifics 
for the current version; will check.  Memory is that this won't be a 

DB changes.  Carlos: 9 main features in 4.2 vs. 4.1.  Vladimir: need to 
do a complete reimport because the current data is insufficient to 
generate headers.  New tools won't be ready for doing the import in 3.2 
time frame.  Alterate possibility: modify the Qt 4 data in place, and do 
ad-hoc fixes to get it to work.  Need the number of interfaces before 
this can work.  Jesper: can we help?  Vladimir: not sure.  Jeff: maybe 
they can do the work of identifying the exact changes?  Carlos: take 
offline.  Jeff: when can ISPRAS have their estimate?  Vladimir: could 
have estimate by F2F.  Carlos: can get list of interfaces within 2 days. 
  Jesper: sending email regarding this.  Jeff will look and forward as 
needed.  Coordinate on the list if possible; several people are interested.

Header updates.  Jeff: should be easy.  Stew: looked into it, shouldn't 
be hard, just need a decision on which tarball to pull.

Jeff: our build environment is SLES 10, so we will need a semi-official 
Qt update soon.  Markus is working on this.

Appbat.  Jeff: need an appbat package, possibly poppler or a bittorrent 
client.  Explained appbat for the TrollTech folks.  Carlos: Qt ships Qt 
Designer, Linguist, which would be good candidates.  Can be built 
separately from Qt itself.  Will do Qt Designer RPM by Monday, use the 
first chapter of the tutorial as the FVT.  Stew: build env won't be up 
to date.  Jeff: let's start with a native RPM and get it building LSB 
once the SDK changes are done.  Carlos: have built Qt 4 before 
LSB-compliant, so should be no major problems.  Jesper: which version? 
Jeff: up to you, but should work on 4.2.1.  Debian has 4.2.1, can 
consult the LSB Navigator or ask if Debian won't work for their testing.

Tests.  Jesper: some 4.3 tests, can strip those out.  Stew: until we get 
a 4.2 toolchain, there isn't a lot we can do.  Jeff: can we do this 
native too until that's fixed?  Stew: should work.

Unrelated to Qt 4, IcedTea project from Red Hat may be interesting for 
the LSB; it's an effort to add GNU Classpath things to OpenJDK to get it 
working.  Will be the Java compiler for Fedora 8.  Also, Red Hat is 
standardizing crypto interfaces on Mozilla libnss; may also be 
interesting from a standards point of view if openssl doesn't release a 
stable ABI soon.

Jesper: what's the F2F for?  Jeff: depends on timing, this F2F is for 
release discussion of 3.2 and planning for 4.0.  TrollTech is welcome to 
talk about their issues for 4.0, do presentations on future of Qt, i18n 
in Qt, etc.  Contact Jeff, list, or edit talk page on wiki for ideas.

Robert: atexit and Mats's deprecated interfaces.  Deprecation is not 
controversial, will do.  Jeff: atexit() is deep magic, which is why it 
looks weird in the spec.  Robert: still need to make sure appchk doesn't 
complain.  Mats: may be some inconsistency in the magic; need to make sure.

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