[lsb-discuss] distribution printing tests

Stew Benedict stewb at linux-foundation.org
Tue Oct 30 03:17:29 PDT 2007

On Mon, 29 Oct 2007, George Liu wrote:

> I tried to run "printing-test/sources/printing-test/testgs/testgs.sh",
> and got the following error:
> /LIB/shfuncs.sh: No such file or directory
> I did not install the whole package; I just extracted the bzr branch.
> There's no LIB directory. Do I need to install something else?

Yes you do,

Using tet complicate things a bit.  The LIB bits are extracted from the 
runtime test tree. In the Makefile at build time:

        ( cd $(TMP_BUILD_DIR)/sources/printing-test/LIB && bzr cat 
$(BZRTREES)/runtime-test/modules/lsb-fhs/SRC/common/lsblib/lsbfuncs.sh > lsbfuncs.sh )
        ( cd $(TMP_BUILD_DIR)/sources/printing-test/LIB && bzr cat 
$(BZRTREES)/runtime-test/modules/lsb-fhs/SRC/common/lsblib/shfuncs.sh > shfuncs.sh )

For your purposes, you could cd to your testgs dir and do

mkdir LIB
bzr cat http://bzr.freestandards.org/lsb/devel/runtime-test/modules/lsb-fhs/SRC/common/lsblib/lsbfuncs.sh > LIB/lsbfuncs.sh
bzr cat http://bzr.freestandards.org/lsb/devel/runtime-test/modules/lsb-fhs/SRC/common/lsblib/shfuncs.sh > LIB/shfuncs.sh

You also need the lsb-tet3-lite package for your architecture:


And testprint.ps from the convenience tests:

cp ../convenience/testprint.ps .

And rename testijs.sh:

cp testijs.sh testijs

This all seems a little convoluted, but it basically follows the model of 
the other LSB shell based tests, and is handled during packaging.

Then, to run the test:

TET_EXECUTE=`pwd` ./testgs.sh

results will be in tet_xres

Test 7 will fail. I still haven't had any luck finding out how to use the 
opvp driver.

Hope this helps
Stew Benedict
The Linux Foundation

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