SV: [lsb-discuss] How to make an application LSB compatible that refersto GLU ?

Jim Molander Jim.Molander at
Tue Oct 30 10:23:28 PDT 2007

I think I have to reply myself on this one, any more comments are appreciated.

I solved this problem by installing the LSB library battery at and then I recompiled everything.

But how do I explain myself in the releasenotes for my application? Do I still state that my application is LSB compatible?



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Ämne: [lsb-discuss] How to make an application LSB compatible that refersto GLU ?
Hi everyone,

Im pretty new to this list so please excuse my manners ;)

The problem is the following:

I have developed a program that references to GL and GLU (OpenGL Utility), the reference to GL is fine because OpenGL is included in LSB (lsbappchk 3.1.1-4 for LSB Specification 3.1.1). The problem arise with the GLU library. What I was thinking about then is to do accoring to manual, either:

1: Link statically:
That I somehow manage to get my hands on a libGLU.a file somewhere. But It doesnt seem that it is only to download the OpenGL source from   and compile it. Is it even possible to link GLU statically?

2: Give the user the option to install OpenGL later on before installing my application. This is apparantly one solution to the problem, but how do I check that this is enough for LSB compliance. I usually run: 
> lsbappchk -s myApplication' and it usually reports:
  The following symbols were found, but are not supported in the LSB:
And lots of other GLU reference errors. But lets say that I prompt the user to install OpenGL just before installing myApplication, then I would like to make a LSB test looking like:
> lsbappchk -sL /usr/lib/ myApplication' and it reports:
  read_FDE_encoded() unexpected encoding 10
  read_FDE_encoded() unexpected encoding 10
  read_FDE_encoded() unexpected encoding 10
  Dynamic Tag 0x1e unknown
  Section .note.SuSE: Not recognized by name. Checking as type SHT_NOTE
  No unspecified symbols were found.
Does this really mean that myApplication is LSB compatible IFF the user has OpenGL preinstalled?

Best regards,

Jim Molander, Sweden

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