[lsb-discuss] How to make an application LSB compatible that refers to GLU ?

Robert Schweikert robert.schweikert at mathworks.com
Tue Oct 30 10:39:47 PDT 2007


To have an LSB compliant application at this point you will need to 
supply libGLU. You do not necessarily have to link statically, you just 
must ship libGLU with your application. I am not sure whether or not 
libGLU itself is LSB compliant, thus any interface libGLU uses which is 
not part of the LSB will also have to be provided by your application in 
some way shape or form.

We need to get libGLU into the LSB somehow.

Hope this helps,

Jim Molander wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> Im pretty new to this list so please excuse my manners ;)
> The problem is the following:
> I have developed a program that references to GL and GLU (OpenGL 
> Utility), the reference to GL is fine because OpenGL is included in 
> LSB (lsbappchk 3.1.1-4 for LSB Specification 3.1.1). The problem arise 
> with the GLU library. What I was thinking about then is to do accoring 
> to manual, either:
> 1: Link statically:
> That I somehow manage to get my hands on a libGLU.a file somewhere. 
> But It doesnt seem that it is only to download the OpenGL source from 
> Mesa.org   and compile it. Is it even possible to link GLU statically?
> 2: Give the user the option to install OpenGL later on before 
> installing my application. This is apparantly one solution to the 
> problem, but how do I check that this is enough for LSB compliance. I 
> usually run:
> > lsbappchk -s myApplication' and it usually reports:
>   The following symbols were found, but are not supported in the LSB:
>   gluUnProject
>   gluQuadricTexture
>   gluTessNormal
>   ...
> And lots of other GLU reference errors. But lets say that I prompt the 
> user to install OpenGL just before installing myApplication, then I 
> would like to make a LSB test looking like:
> > lsbappchk -sL /usr/lib/libGLU.so myApplication' and it reports:
>   read_FDE_encoded() unexpected encoding 10
>   read_FDE_encoded() unexpected encoding 10
>   read_FDE_encoded() unexpected encoding 10
>   Dynamic Tag 0x1e unknown
>   Section .note.SuSE: Not recognized by name. Checking as type SHT_NOTE
>   No unspecified symbols were found.
> Does this really mean that myApplication is LSB compatible IFF the 
> user has OpenGL preinstalled?
> Best regards,
> Jim Molander, Sweden
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