[lsb-discuss] LSB conf call notes for 2007-10-31

Jeff Licquia jeff at licquia.org
Wed Oct 31 08:55:27 PDT 2007

Attendees: Sam, Jeff, Mats, Stew, Darren, George Kraft, Vladimir, Alexey

F2F.  Firming up the schedule, and getting the talk assignments worked 
out.  We're willing to adjust the schedule for last minute ideas.  (Not 
discussed, but also an option: day 3 is not scheduled; will schedule at 
the end of day 2 as an overflow day, so this may be an option.)

Qt 4 status.  Jeff has the proposed appbat app, plus a FVT, seems to 
work.  At the end, the FVT calls for building the app designed with Qt 
Designer; do we want to strip those or mark them optional?  Stew: Perl 
test needs a build environment, too; lots of testing requires stuff not 
in the LSB.  No opinions on optional; will go ahead and mark them that 
way for now.  Vladimir: started analysis on the database work, on 
schedule to have the estimate at the F2F.  Qt 4 tests: still stuck 
behind the infrastructure issue.  Infrastructure: Markus busy, hasn't 
provided new Qt RPMs yet.  Darren: can look into it, perhaps Thorsten 
Kukuk.  Will check on that with him.  On SDK (header refresh), simple 
thing, possibly should wait until the rest is done.  Mats: switch will 
fail, because of stub libs.  Stew: has looked at it, played with 
Makefile.  Mats: change the version number for what tarball to pull.

Database.  Mats: new data uncovered a bug in Navigator, since fixed. 
Dependencies now shown.  Used libXt as a test case; it certainly seems 
that usage of Xt is greater than has been thought.  At any rate, the 
database can now highlight those interfaces used directly, as opposed to 
the ones pulled in indirectly.

ALSA information now in database.  Vlasimir: All symbols included, no 
symbols added to standard.  Looking for advice.  Jeff: fallback strategy 
is to use the Navigator to determine what interfaces are used by apps. 
Will pursue on lists.  Alexey: links to docs is in mailing list post, 
should not be a problem.  No good tests for ALSA known yet.  Jeff: 
discuss at F2F, need time on day 1 to discuss it for 3.2.

Printing: where does it live?  Vladimir: should be separate.  Jeff: how 
to do it?  Mats: add a database entry and spec tree directory, make it 
build in the spec, sort out what modules go where, add info to the 
checkers.  Jeff: will do it.  Mats: printing module already exists in 
database, nothing else has been done.  Modules really haven't been in 
debate; module sets are the issue.  Sets aren't really in the database, 
but in the directory tree (booksets).  Jeff: take Stew's spec and put it 
in the right place, or work on it separately for a while?  Mats: 
seperately, make a proper book or books, then get it fitted into the 

Next week's call.  Should we do it?  Darren: have a conf call.  Jeff: 
call time is currently scheduled for Xrender/Xft/Freetype.  Darren: 
probably redundant.  Jeff: interest in keeping a conference line open 
during the conference?  Will ask on the list.

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