[lsb-discuss] LSB conf call notes for 2007-09-05

Jeff Licquia jeff at licquia.org
Wed Sep 5 09:01:06 PDT 2007

Attendees: Jeff, Dan Kohn (silently), George Kraft, Robert Schweikert,
Stew, Alexey, Sam, Darrin Davis, Marvin, Marc Miller

App data: Darrin has identified about 25 Linux apps.  May be able to get
the test tool integrated into the build process in the future; for now,
will run manually.  Markus also asked for openSuSE build info; the
proposal has been posted, no comments from openSuSE team as of yet.

Jeff: Kay couldn't be on, but has reported that they will submit
anonymized data. as in "ChipHopper app 1", "ChipHopper app 2", etc.  Can
we get categories?  Will ask.

Robert: will also see about getting some data.  Also, use of dlopen()?
appchk has supposedly been patched, but Robert still doesn't see the
warning.  Also, what about enabling appchk to check all libs in a
directory, not just the ones that are dynamically linked?  Alexey: will
be done in September.  Directory change needed: right now, appchk only
checks DT_NEEDED libraries, even for specified directories; we need
appchk to check all libraries in those directories, DT_NEEDED or not, to
pull in dlopen-ed libs.  Also may want to do a command file for appchk.

Qt 4: discussion on list.  Alexey: on undocumented interfaces, the 360
regular interfaces are the most important; need to decide whether to
document, exclude, or mark as "don't use".  Robert: "RHEL 3 problem"
(incompatibilities with LSB 3.2 and RHEL 4 causing issues for ISVs,
since RHEL 4 won't have Qt 4)?  Perhaps there would be a retrofit kit
for RHEL 4; any news on that?  Alexey: we may already have a "RHEL3
problem", in that some of the GTK+ symbols (see bug 1587) may not be in
RHEL 4.  Should take a new look at bug 1587 on the bug call on Friday.
Robert will re-file the issue on the list thread?

Java: Konstantin not available.  Sam: it would be useful for Konstantin
to have data regarding the usefulness of an LSB-compliant Java.  George:
just the JDK for now?  Jeff: Yes.  Darrin: Sun OpenJDK doesn't cover all
platforms; what do we do for the archs which need the IBM JDK?  George:
different group within IBM does the Java stuff, need to make the
business case to that group if we need an LSB IBM Java.

Sendfile: still not written up.

Darrin: face to face will happen in Provo, and may also do a
collaboration summit. Still need to decide on a date; related to Markus
and the board meeting dates.  Looking around the 15th; anyone with a
problem around that time should email Jeff.  Will try to decide on a
date this week.

ALSA: no progress.  Probable next step: contact upstream, continue
discussion on list.

Alexey: ATK manager data handling?  Jeff: no progress, migration taking
up time, will talk to David this week.

Darrin: how many for the face to face?  Berlin was about 30.  Jeff:
possibly 20, given that a few of the Berlin folks were packaging people.
 Darrin: will stick with 30 for now to reserve the conference room.
Jeff: will do a more formal signup once the announcement goes out, so
we'll know if our numbers are good before the event.

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