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Robert Schweikert robert.schweikert at mathworks.com
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My main concern is that we re-create "the RHEL 3 problem". Once we push 
Qt4 to mandatory and obsolete the current version we will cut RHEL 4 as 
a target for ISVs that must certify to LSB 3.2 due to other reasons.

I realize we need to move forward in some way, but think we should take 
this opportunity to define a set of rules we can fall back on when we 
come to this or similar juncture again in the future.

If we can ever manage to push the LSB into a leading standard role the 
problem will go away, but this will be difficult and time consuming.


Jeff Licquia wrote:
> We've had the Qt 4 issue hanging for a while now, and the time has come
> to make up our minds.  There has been some discussion of the issues of
> upgrading Qt 4 to mandatory, and some responses (by, among others,
> TrollTech, who has indicated they are willing to fix issues that need
> fixing).
> So, it's time to hash it out and fix things, or decide finally that
> we're not going to do it for some set of good reasons.
> As of now, the LSB position is that Qt 4 will become mandatory for LSB
> 3.2, subject to TrollTech's assistance in uplifting the standard such
> that it covers the common set of Qt 4 ABIs shipping in the major distros
> currently shipping in LSB 3.1-certified distros, and in otherwise fixing
> QA issues in the current Qt 4 specs and tests.
> Questions:
>  - TrollTech: can we count on your support?
>  - Could those who have objected in the past summarize their objections
> and rationales, or otherwise indicate if they've changed their minds?
> Let's please have this discussion on the list, if for no other reason
> that it helps document the results in a public place.
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