[lsb-discuss] LSB conf call notes for 2007-09-12

Jeff Licquia jeff at licquia.org
Wed Sep 12 09:23:03 PDT 2007

Attendees: Jeff, Mats, Kay Tate, Marvin, Alexey, Marc Miller, Sam, Stew, 
John Cherry, Robert Schweikert, Vladimir, George Kraft

f2f: Planning to move the meeting to the week of November 5.  Novell has 
already OKed it.  Robert, Mats: beginning of week is better.  No objections.

Schedule: Mats has posted a proposal to the list.  Issues w/ CUPS and 
ALSA; also, no one is currently working on build_env.  Stew: 1.2 
symbols?  SuSE has 1.1.  Robert: test for 1.2?  Jeff: nervous; the API 
doesn't support that, so we'd only be able to do it by leaving library 
references unresolved.  Stew: documentation versions to reference in the 
standard?  Robert: pull in instead of reference?  Mats: GTK+ and Perl 
have agreed to a stable spec published at a specific location; need same 
for CUPS.  Question regarding trademark issues; Jeff will ask Apple.

ALSA?  Could go in as optional for 3.2.  Is it useful?  What about OSS, 
now that it's open-sourced?  Robert: can we ship higher layers?  Is it 
too dangerous to commit?  Kay: would help Java.  John: ALSA isn't used 
directly; most apps use higher layers, but no consensus on which. 
Robert: can the higher layers be shipped?  Jeff: Difficult question; 
most involve a runtime daemon as well as an API.  Robert: are we picking 
a winner with OSS?  Doesn't seem to be any momentum behind OSS; there 
are technical issues as well as (solved) licensing issues.  Even if ALSA 
is deprecated, it will have to be supported for some time, so the danger 
is minimal.

"Leaving behind": Mats is working on a proposal.  "optional" -> "trial 
use", have regular votes on the status, to either extend trial, throw 
out, or make required.  Robert: only one extension vote.  Completeness? 
  Jeff: should they be on by default?  Robert: turn on tests?  Jeff: 
that's what we do now, not getting the results.  Robert: OK.  Jeff: 3.2? 
  Robert: can make preliminary statement for 3.2.  Qt 4 should move forward.

API data: Kay's group moving forward, no data yet.  They will accomodate 
the category request.  Robert has been busy.

Java: no progress.  Kay will send out some stats on Java usage; also 
references earlier white paper.  Posted to minutes?  Jeff will look. 
George: there will be a post to the list regarding requirements for 
making IBM Java LSB-compliant.  ALSA figures prominently here.

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