[lsb-discuss] LSB conf call notes for 2007-09-12

Darren Davis ddavis at novell.com
Thu Sep 13 04:14:48 PDT 2007


I was out of the office due to attending the SUSE Labs conference in the 
Czech Republic, so here is my update...

Jeff Licquia wrote:
> Attendees: Jeff, Mats, Kay Tate, Marvin, Alexey, Marc Miller, Sam, 
> Stew, John Cherry, Robert Schweikert, Vladimir, George Kraft
> f2f: Planning to move the meeting to the week of November 5.  Novell 
> has already OKed it.  Robert, Mats: beginning of week is better.  No 
> objections.
> Schedule: Mats has posted a proposal to the list.  Issues w/ CUPS and 
> ALSA; also, no one is currently working on build_env.  Stew: 1.2 
> symbols?  SuSE has 1.1.  Robert: test for 1.2?  Jeff: nervous; the API 
> doesn't support that, so we'd only be able to do it by leaving library 
> references unresolved.  Stew: documentation versions to reference in 
> the standard?  Robert: pull in instead of reference?  Mats: GTK+ and 
> Perl have agreed to a stable spec published at a specific location; 
> need same for CUPS.  Question regarding trademark issues; Jeff will 
> ask Apple.
> ALSA?  Could go in as optional for 3.2.  Is it useful?  What about 
> OSS, now that it's open-sourced?  Robert: can we ship higher layers?  
> Is it too dangerous to commit?  Kay: would help Java.  John: ALSA 
> isn't used directly; most apps use higher layers, but no consensus on 
> which. Robert: can the higher layers be shipped?  Jeff: Difficult 
> question; most involve a runtime daemon as well as an API.  Robert: 
> are we picking a winner with OSS?  Doesn't seem to be any momentum 
> behind OSS; there are technical issues as well as (solved) licensing 
> issues.  Even if ALSA is deprecated, it will have to be supported for 
> some time, so the danger is minimal.
> "Leaving behind": Mats is working on a proposal.  "optional" -> "trial 
> use", have regular votes on the status, to either extend trial, throw 
> out, or make required.  Robert: only one extension vote.  
> Completeness?  Jeff: should they be on by default?  Robert: turn on 
> tests?  Jeff: that's what we do now, not getting the results.  Robert: 
> OK.  Jeff: 3.2?  Robert: can make preliminary statement for 3.2.  Qt 4 
> should move forward.
> API data: Kay's group moving forward, no data yet.  They will 
> accomodate the category request.  Robert has been busy.

Novell has sent data for several of our proprietary applications to ISP 
RAS and they have loaded it into the database.  I believe Alexey said 
that the data should be available to browse soon.  He sent me a quick 
report, and it looks good.

> Java: no progress.  Kay will send out some stats on Java usage; also 
> references earlier white paper.  Posted to minutes?  Jeff will look. 
> George: there will be a post to the list regarding requirements for 
> making IBM Java LSB-compliant.  ALSA figures prominently here.

I am looking to gather some data around Novell's Java applications that 
may help out here.  I will report more next week.

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