[lsb-discuss] LSB conf call notes for 2007-09-19

Konstantin Boudnik lf at boudnik.org
Thu Sep 20 23:25:18 PDT 2007


Sorry to miss the call again, folks - Wednesdays are totally crazy for my. I
just wanted to add a couple of words on the Java topic

I guess the sampling of JRE uses plus a firm understanding that LSB compliant
JRE will suffice for broad range of applications might pretty good motivate
Sun's management to start working on some decision of making JRE compatible
with LSB.

As I gathered, current hesitation is like this: well, we might go ahead and
change JRE to comply with LSB, but where's guarantee that because of it we'll
be able to drop the support for RH or SUSE or else? 

Any how, I'm going to bring up this very LSB topic to variety of developers +
to internal open source community at Sun and will try to do some posting about
it to OpenJDK dev list.

On a side note, very significant part of current JRE-LSB incompatibility is
coming out of ALSA utilization by JRE's code. As I gathered from some earlier
emails it's likely the ALSA is not going to be included into next versions of
LSB standard. Which means to me that the burden of changes will lay upon Java
development (both, internal and open source) if such decision will be made.


On Wed, Sep 19, 2007 at 12:05PM, Jeff Licquia wrote:
> Java.  Darrin: multiple JVMs is a problem at Novell.  Architectures are 
> also an issue.  Will be gathering stats on the various JVMs used by the 
> various Novell Java apps.  Jeff: LSB-compliant JVMs address the issue? 
> Darrin: that's part of the data they will be gathering.  Dan: good-enough 
> solution in LSB-compliant JRE?  Darrin: yes, that's the idea.  Robert: 
> people will use a LF JRE if it's provided for Linux support.  Darrin: will 
> report to the list, including specific JRE dependencies.  Will need a broad 
> sampling of JRE uses.  Apache and Eclipse people may be good sources of 
> info as well.  Jeff: LSB DB.  Sam: Sun is working on a universal installer 
> for their JRE.

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