[lsb-discuss] Missing Interface Descriptions

Stew Benedict stewb at linux-foundation.org
Fri Sep 28 09:53:42 PDT 2007

On Fri, 28 Sep 2007, munipradeep wrote:

> Hi All
> I and Pavan Naregundi have started contributing for LSB. We spent some
> time to understand LSB and started contributing for LSB by writing test
> assertions for LSB-PAM.
> To start with we have implemented test assertions for the pam_getenv and
> pam_putenv PAM APIs. We have also added information about the above
> mentioned APIs to Pam_Assertions.txt. 
> Corresponding patch of our contribution is attached. We request LSB
> community to review our patch and reply to us with the review comments.
> Thanks
> Munipradeep 

I took a brief look, and it looks like your work could be useful, in 
conjunction with:

(adding pam_getenv, pam_putenv to LSB)

I'll add a link to your message in the bug so things don't get lost.

Patch doesn't look quite right, but I get the general idea of how this 
would fit in with core-test, and I'll try to merge it in some time soon 
and see how it works out, then I can come back with more detailed 

Stew Benedict
The Linux Foundation

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