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Vladimir Rubanov vrub at ispras.ru
Wed Apr 9 09:52:38 PDT 2008

The LSB book was a very good information source at the time it was written.
Even now (despite of the many things that indeed became obsolete/stale) it
contains valuable information that cannot be found elsewhere. So I think the
LSB book should be updated and maintained up-to-date to become an important
part of the LDN. And even if we want to give up the book as separate entity,
it at least contains the structured list of topics most of which should be
covered at some other pages anyway.


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> Robert Schweikert wrote:
> > I had a discussion this morning at Breakfast about the LSB with a
> > summit attendee from TI. Prior to yesterday he was not aware of the
> > LSB and what we are trying to do. He mentioned that after hearing
> > about the LSB he checked out the web site and found the link to the
> > book. After reading a bit he got the perception that we are way
> > behind the times, and the book certainly is. He suggested that we
> > remove the book links from the web site as it provides outdated
> > information and can provide new interested parties with the wrong
> > impression.
> Yes, I caught some of this discussion and I agree.
> We do have the book captured in the wiki for
> easier updating (thanks, George!) but nobody has
> had the time to do that.  The published ocntent has
> some stale information.
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