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Jiri Dluhos jdluhos at suse.cz
Wed Apr 9 10:33:55 PDT 2008

On Wednesday 09 April 2008, Theodore Tso spoke thusly:
> One of the things that's happening is that as we've started talking
> about the upcoming "Linux Developers Network", which we'll probably
> launch in in 2-3 months, people are finding our *existing* web page
> which is labelled "Linux Developers Network", and there's some stale
> information here.  I know we need to update the LSB Roadmap page, and
> there's probably other stuff that is old and out of date.


please, could you in short explain what the new Linux Developers Network 
should be? I'm afraid I have missed it somehow, and it is of high interest to 
me, because I'm just starting another Linux documentation site (have a look 
if you want to - www.lindevdoc.org - I have  mentioned it before, but it 
probably got lost in the noise).

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