[lsb-discuss] Tracking LSB test usage by distros and upstream

Dan Kohn dan at dankohn.com
Sun Apr 13 08:23:42 PDT 2008

The Linux Foundation has invested millions of dollars and years of
effort in improving the quality of the LSB test suites, and we believe
they can add a lot of value to distributions and upstream library
maintainers. Distributions can receive early notice about potential
problems during the course of their development, instead of waiting
until just before they certify. Upstream library maintainers can
detect potential functional regressions and/or accidental ABI changes.

The LF is beginning an effort to reach out to all potential downstream
users of the LSB tests, to ensure they are aware of and making use of
these tests. We know that some distributions are already using them,
and we've heard a lot of positive anecdotal reports for many of these
users already. We would like to formally track the use of our tools on
a wiki page, with a goal of having all distributions and upstream
maintainers using our tools. Contact information will allow us send
reminders about updated releases that provide more features and better

In particular, we'd like make sure that distros understand that
although the new DTK Manager has a nice web-based GUI, it can also be
run automatically from a cron or command-line with the results sent
for aggregation on a web-based reporting system. For example, the DTK
Manager can be used by a nightly Tinderbox build tool.

If you're familiar with the usage for a specific distro or upstream
library, please update this page:


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