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Dan Kohn dan at dankohn.com
Wed Apr 16 10:19:41 PDT 2008

Guys, I went out on a limb to propose this, and need CGL participants
to speak up if you want it to happen.  (MontaVista and WindRiver, this
means you.)  The following questions were raised on the LSB list and

+ Is the name "LSB 3.2 CGL Profile" OK, as using the term embedded
confuses some folks?

+ Do the distros that you're LSB 4.0 registering include qt and gtk
today?  If so, you wouldn't be able to certify under this profile.
Could you please confirm that you're shipping non-GUI distros today.

+ Could you please list some of the most important closed source
applications that run on your CGL distros today?  We would like to
pull them into the LSB process and convince them of the value of LSB


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I've covered this verbally with many folks, but I'd like to officially
 propose to the list an LSB 3.2 Embedded Profile.  This is an
 additional certification profile exactly equal to LSB 3.2, except that
 no tests need be passed from the X, qt, or gtk libraries.  The only
 distributions that may be certified as LSB 3.2 Embedded are those that
 ship neither the qt nor gtk libraries.  I.e., enterprise distros need
 to pass the regular the LSB 3.2 certification.

 The purpose of this new profile is for Carrier Grade Linux
 distributions, which are required to pass the LSB as part of
 registering as CGL 4.0 compliant.  Otherwise, they are forced to
 register under LSB 3.0, which is the last version of the LSB without
 the graphics libraries.  The LF would like to only have to actively
 maintain the LSB 3.2 test infrastructure, plus the LSB 4.0 tools
 currently under development.  Plus, there were a significant number of
 bugs fixed between LSB 3.0 and LSB 3.2, and 3.2 is able to make use of
 the dramatic improvement in test infrastructure.

 For now, LSB 3.2 Embedded Profile Certifications can use the existing
 Distribution Testkit Manager, and just request waivers on all
 graphical libraries.  In the future, we'll update those tools to
 choose between 3.2 regular and 3.2 Embedded Certification.  The LF is
 also very open to creating new profiles to match up to the libraries
 in the current mobile initiatives, including LiMo, Android, and


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