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Jeff Johnson n3npq at mac.com
Mon Apr 21 07:35:00 PDT 2008

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> From: Jeff Johnson <n3npq at mac.com>
> Date: April 21, 2008 10:34:19 AM EDT
> To: "Giovanni A. Orlando" <gorlando at futuretg.com>
> Subject: Re: [lsb-discuss] LSB format packaging and security
> On Apr 21, 2008, at 9:35 AM, Giovanni A. Orlando wrote:
>> Jeff Johnson wrote:
>> Hi Everyone,
>>    Like I comment time ago, Linux as well LSB, need a graphical  
>> installer, not rpm 4.X or 5 or deb.
>>    While under MS Windows, it is simple, under the majestic Linux  
>> actually there are around +24,000 software packages include  
>> multiple version of the same software like Python 2.4+Python 2.5.
>>     So, we need a standard on this matter, and not a 'normal' UNIX  
>> like (installation under the console), but graphical.
>>      I've spend some time on this matter, and see that Autopackage  
>> have something do said, but cannot a final job.
>>      For a while, I think on something like 'grpm' to install both  
>> packages like 'grpm file1.rpm file2.rpm', as well autoinstallable,  
>> but when we speak about graphical we are opening a door on what  
>> graphical.
>>     ... And this means: Tcl/Tk, Java, Qt/KDE, PyQt/PyKDE, Gtk/ 
>> GNOME, PerlGtk and some other aleph.
>>     So, we can have packages like OpenOffice-2.4.tk.grpm
>>     Comments are welcome ... also on this mailing place. LSB need  
>> to upgrade but the new packager must be released so people can  
>> evaluate.
> You want InstallShield, which already handles RPM packages of the  
> LSB format persuasion
> for many years now, runs on Linux (the IBM WebSphere installer  
> uses), and is available for
> purchase through your nearest software retailer.
> All other issues have little to do with LSB, linux, or Open Source  
> Software, but perhaps
> might be part of PackageKit interfacing to GNOME/KDE interfaces  
> using DBUS, all
> of which development is done throiugh freedesktop.org, not LSB.
> hth
> 73 de Jeff

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