[lsb-discuss] Linux Manageability Standardization Issues

Jeff Licquia jeff at licquia.org
Tue Apr 29 08:26:09 PDT 2008

Ahn, Chang-Won (ETRI) wrote:
> Our idea in the presentation was that it was time to dramatically enhance
> the manageability (or serviceability) of linux system, which should help 
> Linux
> make inroads to the ubiquitous computing environment.
> There could be two ways to achieve this goal.
> One is to fully utilize "/proc" or "/sys" by making them as common resource
> information sources. But it should be consistently standardized across 
> various distros.
> The other is to build up abstraction layer for manageability using CIM 
> standards.
> You may know that MS windows is already providing WMI instrumentation 
> based on CIM.
> I am not sure which way is better for Linux community for now and future.
> Could I have chance to hear your opinions?

The kernel developers have been very hesitant/nervous about 
standardizing anything in /proc or /sys, so an abstraction layer is 
probably the best bet.

In theory, we already have that abstraction layer, in the form of HAL. 
But I don't know if HAL provides what you need.  If not, we should 
probably talk to the HAL developers, and see if they can be persuaded to 
add that functionality.

Assuming that HAL meets your needs, it would need to become part of the 
standard.  HAL depends on D-Bus, which is not in the LSB, and most 
likely won't be in LSB 4.0 (several distributions ship an older version 
of D-Bus which is not compatible), but interest is very high.  HAL could 
be added at the same time, assuming that it meets the other requirements 
for LSB adoption.

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