[lsb-discuss] X11 Extensions for Fullscreen OpenGL

Jeff Licquia jeff at licquia.org
Wed Apr 30 07:46:01 PDT 2008

Jan Emoti wrote:
> Given that a large percentage of the world's graphics hardware is 
> (still) dependent on proprietary drivers, then in those cases randr may 
> fail at runtime, and what message should the user be given if Xxf86vm is 
> no longer around? Tell them to fetch it off the internet? Should it be 
> then packaged with the app, for each platform, kernel, and distro?

"Fail gracefully" is always a good idea.  Either run with reduced 
functionality, or report the problem in as nice a way as possible.

I doubt packaging with the app would be feasible in this case, at least 
from the LSB's point of view.  I don't believe that the interfaces used 
to communicate with the X server are supported.

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