[lsb-discuss] Problem with alien

Till Kamppeter till.kamppeter at gmail.com
Wed Apr 30 14:35:32 PDT 2008


I am currently rebuilding the driver packages which I have created for 
testing to get LSB 3.2 packages. They needed some changes, as in LSB 3.2 
there is no buildenv chroot any more and so I have to build in the 
actual system.

But now it seems that I have hit a bug in alien. I cannot convert one 
package as alien is not generating the debian/changelog for it correctly.

The package is here:


On spidey (dapper, alien version 8.64) all works fine, on my local box 
(hardy, alien version 8.69) I get:

till at till-laptop:~/rpm/SPECS$ fakeroot alien --scripts 
Package build failed. Here's the log:
dh_clean -k -d
parsechangelog/debian: warning:     debian/changelog(l7): badly 
formatted heading line
LINE: - New upstream release
parsechangelog/debian: warning:     debian/changelog(l8): badly 
formatted heading line
LINE: - Removed PPDs for the Xerox Paser 6100, they are provided from 
upstream now
parsechangelog/debian: warning:     debian/changelog(l9): badly 
formatted heading line
LINE: - Added CUPS DDK to the BuildRequires. It is easier and better to 
rebuild the
parsechangelog/debian: warning:     debian/changelog(l10): found change 
data where expected next heading or eof
LINE:   PPDs than introducing new workarounds to not rebuild them with 
each new
Can't locate object method "init" via package "Dpkg::Changelog::Entry" 
at /usr/share/perl5/Dpkg/Changelog/Debian.pm line 260, <STDIN> line 10.
dpkg-parsechangelog: failure: changelog parser 
/usr/lib/dpkg/parsechangelog/debian gave error exit status 9
dh_installchangelogs: changelog parse failure
make: *** [binary-arch] Error 1
find: splix-1.1.1: No such file or directory
till at till-laptop:~/rpm/SPECS$

Someone knows any workaround or fix?


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