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Wed Aug 13 15:23:46 PDT 2008

We're writing to tell you about a new internet company that will revolutionize the way you recruit. 
You know you need talented people to grow your business.  But do you have time to page through paper resumes that may not tell you what you need to know about a potential hire? Do you want to waste money on classified ads and campus visits that might not reach the best candidates? 
CatalystRecruiting brings you access to the best young minds in the country. We recruit for you, by populating our database with students and recent graduates of Ivy League schools. The average SAT score in our database is nearly 1400 and the average GPA over 3.4. 
Our service is more specialized than large, generic resume banks. We offer detailed personal profiles. Our candidates enrich their profiles with photos, sound clips, and links. But this volume of information does not overwhelm, because we have pioneered efficient, streamlined searching techniques. You can look for specific skills, or combine categories to find candidates with the background you need. Sort by our proprietary Catalyst Rank to instantly identify the top candidates in your field. 
Take advantage of this efficient alternative to recruiting and visit us today. We're offering employers a free test drive of the service, so that you can try us out before you buy. We're located at http://www.CatalystRecruiting.com.
For ordering an access account or to request more information feel free to contact us at Toll Free at 877-TOP-GPAs [877-867-4727].

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