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Wed Aug 13 15:23:46 PDT 2008

with current distros, we can take into account OpenPrinting vector, as
the interface is in ESP GhostScript 8.15.x which ships with every major
distro. See (the
OpenPrinting Vector interface is called GlueCode on this page.

The official standard definition is done in the next weeks, we have
talked about that in the FSG OpenPrinting Steering Committee.
OpenPrinting Vector will be an official standard before the Printing
Summit in October.

I have made a new tarball some time ago, which they only need to adopt:

I have added the RPC part from the CVS repository.

As there is one year from now until LSB 3.2 gets released, there is
enough time to get all this done.

> The directory standard should not be included because it is not yet
> written down. They're developing it right now, so it won't be ready for
> a while. It does not meet the "descriptive" standard criteria, and in
> the currently described state it violates the FHS.

We will probably agree on FHS-compliant alternative directories soon.
Defining these directories (there is no code) as an FSG OpenPrinting
standard is quickly done and one can also add them to the distributions
with simple service packs.

> Whether the focus of LSB is Linux or *nix in general is to be clarified
> by Ian in two weeks. CUPS in some form is available on most Linux
> distros and BSD, Solaris, and AIX, but is not shipped in base
> configuration in anything but Linux (and Mac OS X). Also, I don't
> believe many ISVs will directly use CUPS, but will use their desktop
> environment. In the future ISVs will use the gtk or qt widget sets that
> have printing support. Even if ISVs wanted to use a low-level interface,
> there would be a debate between PAPI and CUPS interfaces.

For most ISVs it is really suffficient to have printing APIs from the
GUI enviromments QT/KDE and GTK/GNOME, but on the long run we should
also have some lower level interface, for example for database
applications which print bills or mailings.


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