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Wed Aug 13 15:23:46 PDT 2008

portable Linux application using the LSB", "How to use the LSB Application
Testkit to ensure your application is portable", etc. Note that a
lot of this content already exists, it's just not particularly
well organized, and some of it is out of date (e.g., the LSB book).

Other suggestions on information we need to be providing front and center
welcome. And, of course, volunteers to help on the documentation and
organization side are welcome too. :-) Simply helping us go through
the web site, take inventory, and do some "wiki gardening" would
be a big help. One thing I'd very much like to do is
move the LSB book into the wiki so we can more easily update it.

Ian Murdock

"Don't look back--something might be gaining on you." --Satchel Paige

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