[lsb-discuss] [lsb-lynx] No umlaut (ü) printed with echo -e '\0374'

Stew Benedict stewb at linux-foundation.org
Wed Aug 6 04:25:07 PDT 2008

On Wed, 6 Aug 2008, Hao Liu wrote:

> Hi, guys,
>   I'm testing lsb-lynx recently, I followed the steps from 
> http://www.linuxfoundation.org/appbat/fvt-3.2.0/lsb-lynx_fvt.html
>   In the 3rd step of Section "Install & Setup", it says with character 
> set ISO8859-1, I can print a umlaut (ü) with echo -e '\0374',
>   I tried on my machine, there's no output.
>   here's what I did:
>   1. [hliu at dhcp-65-102 devel]$ locale charmap
>       ISO-8859-1
>   2. [hliu at dhcp-65-102 devel]$ echo -e '\0374'
>   There's no output. Anybody ran into this problem before? Any clue?
>   PS: my lynx test failed, see the attached snapshot.Failed on the 3rd FVT

This is a known issue with lsb-lynx not being compiled against ncursesw 
(not part of LSB yet).

If you look at


There are a couple of workarounds to turn off utf8 and setup a font that 
will let you run the FVT. As noted in the last comment, and reaffirmed by 
your being stuck, the FVT stills needs some better wording to help the 
user accomplish the setup. I'll be happy to apply suggested improvements 
to the FVT to make things clearer.

Stew Benedict
The Linux Foundation

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