[lsb-discuss] Linux Application Checker impressions

Dan Kegel dank at kegel.com
Sun Aug 10 12:37:53 PDT 2008

Alexey Khoroshilov <khoroshilov at ispras.ru> wrote:
>> 1) Shouldn't it have LSB profiles in its output (e.g. "your app is not LSB
>> 3.1 compliant because...")?
> [Linux Application Checker already outputs this in the summary]:
> "There are 11 of 27 distributions that provide all the required
> libraries and interfaces.
> The Application uses 10 external libraries incompatible with LSB 3.2."
> The second line presents the summary of LSB compliance of the application
> under test and it contains a hyper link to the list of the "10 external
> libraries incompatible with LSB 3.2". More details are available at the "LSB
> Certification" tab.
> Do you mean to extend this information? Or may be to make its representation
> more visible?

For some reason, I expected the list of distributions to
include the various past versions of LSB (and possibly the
upcoming draft LSB 4).
You might do some usability testing
and see if real users also expect the data to show up in the
distro table rather than called out in a separate text line.
I suspect some users might look only at the table.

BTW another thing that was slightly harder than it should have
been was to see which of our app's files were referencing which
file.  I seem to recall that needed about three clicks more
than I expected, which made it a little hard to discover.


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