[lsb-discuss] Source code for Linux Application Checker

Cort, Tom Tom.Cort at state.vt.us
Mon Aug 11 04:38:59 PDT 2008


I downloaded Linux-app-checker-local-2.0-3.i486.tar.gz this morning and
read in the LICENSE file that the software is licensed under the GNU
General Public License version 2. I found two binary executable files in
the 'bin' directory, lsbappchk and lsbpkgchk. I couldn't find the
corresponding source code in the tarball, on the web page where I
downloaded the software, nor could I find mention of it in the
documentation in the tarball nor on the website. I found that someone
posted a similar question in the Linux Application Checker Forum on the
Linux Foundation website, but no one has responded to the post. Can
someone tell me where the source code for lsbappchk and lsbpkgchk is?

Thank you,

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