[lsb-discuss] Source code for Linux Application Checker

Wichmann, Mats D mats.d.wichmann at intel.com
Mon Aug 11 06:04:10 PDT 2008

Cort, Tom wrote:
> Hi,
> I downloaded Linux-app-checker-local-2.0-3.i486.tar.gz this morning
> and read in the LICENSE file that the software is licensed under the
> GNU General Public License version 2. I found two binary executable
> files in the 'bin' directory, lsbappchk and lsbpkgchk. I couldn't
> find the corresponding source code in the tarball, on the web page
> where I downloaded the software, nor could I find mention of it in the
> documentation in the tarball nor on the website. I found that someone
> posted a similar question in the Linux Application Checker Forum on
> the Linux Foundation website, but no one has responded to the post.
> Can someone tell me where the source code for lsbappchk and lsbpkgchk is?

I don't know if anyone has posted a tarball of this beta, which should
happen.  However, the 3.2 (and earlier) version of appchk/pkgchk is here:


Current versions of the source is in the misc-test version control
branch, which you can browse here,


while the LSB 3.2 version is here:


It's usually easier to check these out with bazaar than to browse
the web interface, that can be done (assuming bzr is installed)
as in this example:

bzr branch http://bzr.linuxfoundation.org/lsb/devel/misc-test

It looks like the magic script has broken again, but normally you can
see a full exploded list of rpm packages, including source rpms, here:


(I say "broken" as it seems not to be picking up the appchk/pkgchk
sources here)

There's more to the Application Checker than the appchk/pkgchk
binaries.  If you look in the tarball you downloaded, you'll
also see lsb-appchk-perl, lsb-appchk-python, lsb-appchk-shell,
and linux-app-checker packages. The perl and python checkers
are available in the same version control paths.   I'm looking
and see that the shell checker has not been merged into the master
location, and linux-app-checker (which comes from the atk-manager
branch) appears to be missing substantial recent changes. I'll push
to get that taken care of as soon as possible, but several of
the developers involved are on holidays at the moment.

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