[lsb-discuss] [Fwd: NSS public functions]

Robert Relyea rrelyea at redhat.com
Mon Aug 11 14:46:36 PDT 2008

Jeff Licquia wrote:
> Howard Chu wrote:
>> Initialization
>> Initialization includes setting up configuration files, setting global 
>> defaults, and setting up callback functions. Functions used in the 
>> initialization part of an application can include the following:
>>     * PR_Init. Initializes NSPR. Must be called before any other NSS 
>> functions.
> The docs seem to imply that this function need not be explicitly called 
> anymore, and its parameters are ignored.  So, we could exclude it from 
> our spec entirely, or define it in such a way that it would no longer 
> reference NSPR.
That is correct, it need not be part of the LSB spec.


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