[lsb-discuss] LSB conf call notes for 2008-08-13

Jeff Licquia jeff at licquia.org
Wed Aug 13 14:55:35 PDT 2008

Attendees: Jeff Licquia, Darren Davis, Dalibor Topic, Ron Hale-Evans, 
Carlos Duclos, Jesper Thomschultz, Stew Benedict, Mats Wichmann, Russ 
Herrold, Chris Thiel, George Kraft, Robert Schweikert, David Herron, 
Vojtech Pavlik, Ted Tso, Jiri Dluhos.

Introduce Chris Thiel.  Chris: Project Manager for SLES SDK.  Looking at 
the idea of adding the LSB SDK, how to better support distros with 
installing the tools.  Darren: how can the LSB people make it easier for 
distros to include the tools.  Source or binary?  Conclusion: seems that 
source is the best option.  Ted: can you also talk about improvements 
that would make life easier?

Chris: prefer to include source.  Had a look at the LF site for the SDK. 
  It's tough to include prebuilt RPMs.  Taking a defined set of source 
packages is easier than taking built RPMs.  Best form: source tarballs. 
  Creating project in the openSuSE build service, with spec files, etc. 
  Darren: preliminary project done there, but would be good for LSB 
people to work on.  Alexey has created an account.  Darren: there are 
preliminary projects.  Jiri has created these.  Could simplify our 
management, because can build for all distros.  Ted: currently building 
LSB-compliant, so they work anywhere, so might not be as useful.  Could 
be interesting for the openSuSE build service to build LSB targets. 
Darren: another issue.  Chris: aware of feature request, but not the 
right people.  Shouldn't be difficult.  Ted: can it build from version 
control?  Chris: bzr isn't supported; there's a project to add others. 
Could write a script to do it.

Ted: lots of things to take.  Chris: lsbcc, other SDK stuff, 
app-checker.  Ted: app checker is five or six different packages; maybe 
easier to reduce the number of pkgs.  Darren: redundant pieces, too. 
Chris: removing redundancy is important.  Jiri: command-line appchk is 
already in build service.  Jeff: project security?  Chris: by default, 
project creator owns project.  Can create groups.  Packages are 
contained in project.  Collaboration: build for different distros, 
targets, etc.  Chris is willing to help getting acquainted.  Web 
interface and command-line tool (like svn).

Jeff: who shoudl do this from the LSB side?  Mats: might be early to 
settle on that.  Ted: want this to be as automated as possible, so it's 
easy to push to the build service.  Maybe it integrates into the 
autobuild system.  Is the build service amenable to this?  Darren: yes, 
command-line client.  Chris: presentations are available on the build 
service, can present if needed.  Ted: email links to the presentations 
to lsb-discuss?  Chris: OK.

Jeff: eager to get the process going.  Ted: current efforts location? 
Jiri posted a link to IRC:


Darren: login mechanism is hooked to Novell site login.  Chris: also 
hooked to Bugzilla login.

Java.  Jeff: introduce Dalibor and David.  Dalibor: trim some more 
options from the man page.  Will work with Ron.  Decision to make trial 
use not made yet?  Jeff: no decision; can be made as late as the 
release.  Do we need a Java libchk?  Dalibor: probably best to delegate 
that to the TCK.  Ted: may need something equivalent to a "hello world" 
for Java anyway, but may not be able to do much more.  Dalibor: probably 
has this test in the TCK.  Ted: probably, but we may need something more 
in the LSB test suite if the TCK is decoupled from the rest of the tests.

Dalibor has reached out to Russ.  Russ: putting together a set of legal 
issues to consider.

4.0 status.  Database updates?  Mats: not quite done.  Bug fixes, plus 
greater data on excluded interfaces.  Ted: not really an issue for the 
4.0 release, is it?  Mats: problem is, where do those bugs live?  Ted: 
split bugs into "what to do for LSB 4" and "what we need to do eventually".

Printing status.  Ted: realistically, it's probably not happening.

Best-effort.  Jeff: need to review Jiri's spec for /proc, propose spec 
wording (possibly based on Jiri's work), fix bugs.

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