[lsb-discuss] LSB conf call notes for 2008-08-13

Christoph Thiel cthiel at suse.de
Wed Aug 13 15:36:30 PDT 2008

On Wed, Aug 13, 2008 at 05:55:35PM -0400, Jeff Licquia wrote:
> Attendees: Jeff Licquia, Darren Davis, Dalibor Topic, Ron Hale-Evans, 
> Carlos Duclos, Jesper Thomschultz, Stew Benedict, Mats Wichmann, Russ 
> Herrold, Chris Thiel, George Kraft, Robert Schweikert, David Herron, 
> Vojtech Pavlik, Ted Tso, Jiri Dluhos.
> Introduce Chris Thiel.  Chris: Project Manager for SLES SDK.  Looking at 
> the idea of adding the LSB SDK, how to better support distros with 
> installing the tools.  Darren: how can the LSB people make it easier for 
> distros to include the tools.  Source or binary?  Conclusion: seems that 
> source is the best option.  Ted: can you also talk about improvements 
> that would make life easier?
> Chris: prefer to include source.  Had a look at the LF site for the SDK. 
>   It's tough to include prebuilt RPMs.  Taking a defined set of source 
> packages is easier than taking built RPMs.  Best form: source tarballs. 
>   Creating project in the openSuSE build service, with spec files, etc. 
>   Darren: preliminary project done there, but would be good for LSB 
> people to work on.  Alexey has created an account.  Darren: there are 
> preliminary projects.  Jiri has created these.  Could simplify our 
> management, because can build for all distros.  Ted: currently building 
> LSB-compliant, so they work anywhere, so might not be as useful.  Could 
> be interesting for the openSuSE build service to build LSB targets. 
> Darren: another issue.  Chris: aware of feature request, but not the 
> right people.  Shouldn't be difficult. 

Please join opensuse-buildservice at opensuse.org
(http://en.opensuse.org/Mailinglists) to get the discussion started on
adding a LSB target to the openSUSE build service. Also, creating the lsb
sdk packages for openSUSE and the SUSE Linux Enterprise SDK will help to get
this implemented!

> Ted: can it build from version control?  Chris: bzr isn't supported;
> there's a project to add others.  Could write a script to do it.

=> http://en.opensuse.org/Build_Service/Upstream_Integration

> Ted: lots of things to take.  Chris: lsbcc, other SDK stuff, 
> app-checker.  Ted: app checker is five or six different packages; maybe 
> easier to reduce the number of pkgs.  Darren: redundant pieces, too. 
> Chris: removing redundancy is important. 

In general, it's easier to include 10 small packages than one monolithic

> Jiri: command-line appchk is already in build service.  Jeff: project
> security?  Chris: by default, project creator owns project.  Can create
> groups.  Packages are contained in project.  Collaboration: build for
> different distros, targets, etc.  Chris is willing to help getting
> acquainted.  Web interface and command-line tool (like svn).
> Jeff: who shoudl do this from the LSB side?  Mats: might be early to 
> settle on that.  Ted: want this to be as automated as possible, so it's 
> easy to push to the build service.  Maybe it integrates into the 
> autobuild system.  Is the build service amenable to this?  Darren: yes, 
> command-line client.  Chris: presentations are available on the build 
> service, can present if needed.  Ted: email links to the presentations 
> to lsb-discuss?  Chris: OK.

Check out this wiki page on the Build Service to get a general overview:
* http://en.opensuse.org/Build_Service

There is also a tutorial available from:
* http://en.opensuse.org/Build_Service/Tutorial

Details on the commandline client:
* http://en.opensuse.org/Build_Service/CLI

How to use curl for build service development:
* http://en.opensuse.org/Build_Service/Curl

Debian Builds:
* http://en.opensuse.org/Build_Service/Deb_builds

Also worth a read:
* http://en.opensuse.org/Build_Service/Tips_and_Tricks
* https://api.opensuse.org/apidocs

* openSUSE Build Service Overview (Adrian Schroeter, given at FOSDEM 2008)
  - Slides: http://files.opensuse.org/opensuse/en/2/21/FOSDEM2008-OBS-short-introduction.pdf
  - Video: http://tube.opensuse.org/fosdem08/fosdem08_day1_04_buildservice_webclient.ogg

* also from FOSDEM:
  - http://tube.opensuse.org/fosdem08/fosdem08_day1_05_buildservice_bestpractices.ogg

German video:
* from Linuxtag 2008: http://tube.opensuse.org/linuxtag08/05-freitag-adrian-buildservice.ogg

Christoph Thiel, Tech. Project Management, Research & Development
SUSE LINUX Products GmbH, GF: Markus Rex, HRB 16746 (AG Nürnberg)

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