[lsb-discuss] /tset/LSB.pam/testcases/pam_chauthtok/pam_chauthtok FAILED

Hao Liu hliu at redhat.com
Fri Aug 15 02:45:58 PDT 2008

Hi, guys,
  I'm running lsb-runtime-test-3.1.1-4 on my ppc64. All the test cases 
from /tset/LSB.pam/testcases/pam_chauthtok/pam_chauthtok failed:

    /tset/LSB.pam/testcases/pam_chauthtok/pam_chauthtok 1 FAIL
    /tset/LSB.pam/testcases/pam_chauthtok/pam_chauthtok 2 UNINITIATED
    /tset/LSB.pam/testcases/pam_chauthtok/pam_chauthtok 3 UNINITIATED
    /tset/LSB.pam/testcases/pam_chauthtok/pam_chauthtok 4 UNINITIATED
    /tset/LSB.pam/testcases/pam_chauthtok/pam_chauthtok 5 UNINITIATED
    /tset/LSB.pam/testcases/pam_chauthtok/pam_chauthtok 6 UNINITIATED
    /tset/LSB.pam/testcases/pam_chauthtok/pam_chauthtok 7 UNINITIATED
    /tset/LSB.pam/testcases/pam_chauthtok/pam_chauthtok 8 UNINITIATED

According to http://bugs.linuxbase.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1416, I checked 
the PASS_MIN_DAYS in /etc/login.defs on my test machine, its value is 0, 
I also checked the 4th fields of those 3 users vsx0, vsx1 and vsx2, 
vsx0's and vsx2's are 0, vsx1's is  1, I manually revise tt with "passwd 
-n 0 vsx1", after tt, I rerun the test case with "tcc -e -l 
/tset/LSB.pam/testcases/pam_chauthtok/pam_chauthtok", it's not getting 

Would somebody plz tell me what's going wrong? Thank you.

All the best,
Hao Liu

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