[lsb-discuss] LSB conf call notes for 2008-08-20

Jeff Licquia jeff at licquia.org
Thu Aug 21 08:38:16 PDT 2008

Attendees: Ted Tso, Jeff Licquia, Russ Herrold, Mats Wichmann, Jesper 
Thomschultz, Darren Davis, Robert Schweikert, Alexey Khoroshilov, George 
Kraft, Jiri Benc, Stew Benedict, Brian Proffitt, Ron Hale-Evans

Progress on the openSuSE build service?  Russ: has used it, not for LSB 

Best-effort.  Jeff: issues remain; the new /proc spec, bug fixes, a 
method for testing whether best-effort is being used.  Should 
best-effort be the default build state?  Robert: best-effort should be 
the default, I think.

Database reimports.  Jeff: what needs to be done?  Mats: no change since 
last week, not much more to report.

Glibc uplift.  Mats: no change, had some issues with build tools.

makelsbpkg.  Jeff: anything else to do to make it official?  Stew: Still 
unofficial branch.  Jeff: I can move that.

ALSA.  Jeff: No tests; decide on trial use late in process.

libGLU,  Jeff: tests?  Mats: OpenGL tests in development; not sure if 
that will include GLU,

Cairo.  Stew: tests integrated into desktop-tests, still some high 
failure counts.  Jeff: doc link should point at gnome.org?  Stew: 
haven't looked at that.

libXext.  Stew: import was done, not sure of the status on docs.  Only 
testing it indirectly (via the xts5 test suite).  Jeff: plan?  Mats: 
nothing specific, will tackle the docs through a bug.

NSS.  Jeff: issue with dependency on NSPR.  Is it resolved to everyone's 
satisfaction?  Mats: we may not be sure.  Jeff: Ron still working on it? 
  Ron: ISPRAS has been doing a lot of that work.  Stew: working with the 
tests, it does seem to need NSPR.  Jeff: if we still need to do a 
library import, better to do that sooner rather than later.  Maybe can 
discuss on the list, and talk about next week if needed.

Stew: filling in comment fields on the ProjectPlan40 page as the call 

Jeff: SI.  Antonio has been working on; chroots are available for 
everything except ia64.  Will be working on getting ia64 working ASAP. 
Mats: did some testing of some really minimal chroots.

ISPRAS test improvement.  Alexey: in progress, will deliver new tests 
for libstdc++, LSB Graphics libs, GTK+, PNG, jade, Qt, LSB Core. 
Jesper: will those appear in bzr?  Alexey: yes.

App checker.  Jeff: very good.  Out of beta?  Alexey: next week.

Multi-version tools.  Mats: will probably need a review before we 
declare it done.  May be details missed; pkgchk and versioned dependency 
issue, for example.  The cmdchk utility may not be multi-version yet.

Java.  Ron: very minor stuff, some things have crept in.  Will need to 
make database changes to include it.  Mats: as in the bug?  Ron: new 
version of SQL will be coming.  Jeff: trial-use decision in DB?  Ron: 
current SQL does not mark it as trial-use.  Can we change it later? 
Mats: yes.

Autotesting.  Jeff: Virtualization has been troublesome.  Will probably 
need to assume QEMU as a baseline, move to KVM as the hardware adds 
support for it.  Has played with VM management, nothing specific to 
report yet.

Stew: what part of NSS is ISPRAS working on?  Alexey: db work, will 
check on that.  Stew: want to make sure we know what we're working on, 
so nothing gets dropped.

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