[lsb-discuss] Can't log in to LSB Problem Reporting System

Hao Liu hliu at redhat.com
Tue Aug 26 19:12:53 PDT 2008

Jeff Licquia wrote:
> Hao Liu wrote:
>> Jeff Licquia wrote:
>>> Hao Liu wrote:
>>>>  But at the stage 3 of Problem Reporting, which asks me for 'Short 
>>>> summary of the problem' and 'Longer summary of the problem', after 
>>>> I filled all the needed, I clicked 'Next', it redirects me to a 500 
>>>> error page. :-(  
>>> Hi!  Sorry to take so long for this, but I'm looking at the problem 
>>> now.  Do you still have the journal you tried to upload?
>> Hi, Jeff,
>>  It's OK, the attachment is the journal file for lsb-test-libstdcpp 
>> of LSB3.2, it's
>>        /24_iterators/istreambuf_iterator/2.cc 1 FAIL
>> just as it failed in LSB3.1, what I want to suggest is TSD for this 
>> test case in LSB3.2.
> I've managed to submit the request myself.  It is PR 152:
> https://www.linuxfoundation.org/lsbprs/pr/152
> I was able to see the problem you had in our application logs, but 
> wasn't able to reproduce it for some reason.  I'll be making changes 
> in the PR system to make this problem less likely in the future.
Thanks , Jeff.

All the best,
Hao Liu

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