[lsb-discuss] Apply for the waivers to some failures from lsb-test-desktop-t2c

Eugene Shatokhin spectre at ispras.ru
Tue Aug 26 22:56:01 PDT 2008


> BTW, would someone provide some clue about the following failures:

>     * /glib-t2c/tests/glib_file_utilities/glib_file_utilities 28 UNRESOLVED
>     * /glib-t2c/tests/glib_file_utilities/glib_file_utilities 38 UNRESOLVED
>     * /glib-t2c/tests/glib_messagelog/glib_messagelog 9 FAIL
>     * /glib-t2c/tests/glib_messagelog/glib_messagelog 10 FAIL
>     * /glib-t2c/tests/glib_unicode/glib_unicode 18 FAIL

Could you send me the journal of test execution (or at least the messages output by these tests)? 

The desktop-t2c test suite is being developed by our team in ISPRAS. We could analyze the journal and probably give you some hints on what is going on. 

The journal is usually located in /opt/lsb/test/desktop-t2c/results/0001e/

Your feedback will be very valuable for us.

With best regards,

Eugene Shatokhin
 Linux Verification Center, ISPRAS
 web:    http://www.linuxtesting.org
 e-mail: spectre at ispras.ru

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