[lsb-discuss] Proposed specification for /proc

Kevin P. Dankwardt k at kcomputing.com
Wed Aug 27 08:44:44 PDT 2008

A couple of nits.

1) The exe link will add "(deleted)" if the executable is deleted while 
the process is running. If a new file replaces the deleted executable 
the exe link still says "(deleted)" - a good thing I think, by the way. 
The exe "link", also appears to be a symbolic link but does not behave 
that way because of this "deleted" feature. Also, it does not behave 
like a hard link either.

2) The "exhibited to the program" seems ambiguous to me. The values of 
argv[] can be changed by a process, but, the cmdline value appears to be 
unchanged. Perhaps a phrase like "as provided to the process at process 
creation" or some such.

I verified this behavior on only one kernel, by-the-way (

-kevin dankwardt
> OK, this is way late, but here it is.  Please let me know of any 
> feedback you have.  Once it's been put through the ringer here, I plan 
> to send it on to the linux-kernel list.
> Summary: for now, we only specify /proc/[pid] and /proc/self, and only 
> the two files exe and cmdline under those.

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