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Thorsten Kukuk kukuk at suse.de
Fri Feb 1 01:48:53 PST 2008

On Thu, Jan 31, George Kraft wrote:

> I'm still of the opinion that the LSB should not specify the Java
> language and/or runtime.  Java is Sun's product and they have their own
> certification programs.  However, the LSB should certify JNIs and JREs
> as LSB applications.
> Secondly, is Java relevant any longer?  Are new applications that would
> have been written in Java are now being written in Web 2.0/AJAX or
> Eclipse?
> Lastly, would it be sufficient for the GNU/Linux community to endorse a
> single open source Java provider?

I know from quite some in house projects which are using Java.
We tried hard to get all the projects unified in a way, that they
would run with the default system Java. We failed. The one appliction
urgently needed some enhancements of IBM Java not (yet?) available
from Sun, the other one should run on all hardware, but there was
not a single Java version which is supported on all architectures
(only look at IA64, which is a LSB architecture).
In the end, all applications are still bundled with a special Java
version and don't use the system wide Java.

>From that experience, I would say:

LSB can define the real core of Java available with every Java 
implementation for every architecture. But no ISV will use that,
since the functionalty they need will not be there.

My suggestion is, before the JVM situation especially on the
non-mainstream architectures does not become better, LSB should
not mention Java.


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