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Robert Schweikert robert.schweikert at mathworks.com
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 >> Secondly, is Java relevant any longer?

Yes, Java is very relevant. Many applications use Java. This means the 
LSB has to deal with it in some way shape or form.

 From all the responses it appears that option 2 of my previous post is 
favored, i.e. assure that the LSB has all the necessary interfaces any 
given JRE needs. As a second step reach out to JRE/JDK implementers to 
get their version certified. Using this approach might satisfy all 
concerns/comments posted.

a.) App vendors can still ship the JRE version they want and they can 
certify to the LSB
b.) Since we do not touch Java directly there shouldn't be any legal 
c.) We do not have to deal with different JRE versions for different 
d.) We will not force the "one true Java" down anybodies throat
e.) The maintenance hassle is certainly less
f.) We do not pick a "winner"

That said I think an effort will have to be made to upload all the 
required interfaces for all JREs into the navigator and then have some 
automatic query which tells us what needs to be added to the LSB to 
satisfy the JRE requirements. We know alsa was one issue, but I am sure 
there are more.

I propose the following action:
- make a list of all available JREs for Linux per platform
- get the JREs and get the interface requirements into the navigator
- create some script which runs once a week or month to generate a 
report with respect to missing interfaces for all JREs

Since the JREs evolve this procedure should be automated somehow such 
that we get the latest version of each JRE on a monthly or bi-monthly basis.


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