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Kay Tate ktate at us.ibm.com
Fri Feb 1 05:50:39 PST 2008

In the Chiphopper whitepaper we brought to the last face to face, we found
that 60% of the ISVs we worked with had at least some Java in their
applications. 40% were 100% Java. These stats covered products from more
than 350 ISVs. (We did get the white paper linked off of the last face to
face if you are interested in a little more detail.) Many of our
participants are fairly small ISVs whose products are targeted to specific
market segments, so they are a little different constituency than some of
our regular participants on this list.

Perhaps because they are smaller, most of them are not eager to ship Java
with their applications. Most of their applications seem to use well-worn
paths in the Java environment and are JRE-agnostic. They work with Sun's
Java on x86 and IBM's on PPC and S390 platforms without change. These ISVs
really exploit the standardization of Linux and their environment. They
need it to focus on their domain expertise instead of having to maintain
code paths that are speciifc to different platforms to be competitive and
to grow.

These are the applications we want to be able to get LSB certified. Saying
it the other way, we don't want to block a large number of ISVs from LSB
certification because of the language they use if they have concerns about
shipping it with their application. Having an LSB certified java runtime
would be a distinct help to them and is something we can pursue with the
Java teams without getting into legal questions.

Best regards,
Kay A. Tate
ktate at us.ibm.com

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