[lsb-discuss] Java

Wichmann, Mats D mats.d.wichmann at intel.com
Fri Feb 1 10:00:13 PST 2008

>> These are already in the Navigator at
> Cool. Is it possible to set up some automatic query that tells us
> whether or not the LSB has all required interfaces to certify these
> implementations? 

Not collectively (although I'm sure someone clever enough
at sql could do so), but individually it's already supported
(and has been looked at).

Here's an example:

Application 'jre'
Homepage: http://java.sun.com/
Uploaded Versions (2 entries)
Information about the following versions of this application is uploaded
to the database:
Version 	Summary 	Arch 	Packager 	Interfaces
Used Libs 	Required Libs (DT_NEEDED) 	Non LSB Interfaces
Non LSB Libs Used 	Non LSB Libs Required
1.6.0_01 	Java(TM) Platform Standard Edition Runtime Environment
x86 	Java Software 	859 (list...) 	11 (list...) 	11 (list...)
93 (list...) 	2 (list...) 	6 (list...)
1.6.0_01 	Java(TM) Platform Standard Edition Runtime Environment
x86-64 	Java Software 	961 (list...) 	10 (list...) 	10 (list...)
88 (list...) 	1 (list...) 	5 (list...)

Sorry that wraps a bit.  If you go to the actual site, you
can see this in operation.


In the right-hand corner, select applications, enter java,
and let it search.  Because of the way the names are 
assigned this doesn't actually match all the JREs but
that's okay, they're not hard to find.

Once you select one, the statistical fields are clickable.

It turns out the missing interfaces and libraries are a
lot of internal stuff and very little "real" problems -
a build targeting the LSB would actually make nearly all
of them vanish.  But not all...

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