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Robert Schweikert robert.schweikert at mathworks.com
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Theodore Tso wrote:
> On Fri, Feb 01, 2008 at 12:02:50PM -0500, Robert Schweikert wrote:
>> For this use case we need to further explore the "plugin certification 
>> model" we have kicked around. Basically the vendors makes the statement 
>> that says "Certified with any LSB compliant JRE". How we will test this 
>> type of app needs to be determined, not sure whether or not Jeff had a 
>> proposal for this.
> Yeah... I'm a little concerned about this.  The devil will be in the
> details.  It's certain the we will need to be very careful about what
> we allow to be specified in this way to avoid abuse.  Otherwise people
> could start saying things like "Certified with any LSB compliant
> <FOO>", where FOO could be anything from "Microsoft .Net runtime", or
> "Infocomm Z-code interpreter" to "Oracle Database".  
> I assume here that we would get to decide what sort of "Certified with
> any LSB compliant <FOO>" could be used, and we would get to set the
> rules; but there still is the unfortunate situation where it
> effectively means that there is an asterisk on the certification, and
> so someone who purchases a software package might not get something
> that works out of the box.  The confusion is not too different from
> what happens if we start having profiles, which is another issue that
> we will need to figure out.
Agreed, this certainly falls into the profile discussion. My thinking is 
that no one can say "Certified with LSB compliant <FOO>" if we do not 
have a <FOO> profile.
>> In this case the ISV can put pressure on the JRE provider to get the JRE 
>> certified.
> They could, but that presumes the ISV cares enough, and that the ISV
> can put enough pressure on a JRE provider that the JRE provider would
> pay attention to the ISV.
Yes, but we make the assumptions that ISVs care enough to get certified 
anyway. If we don't make that assumption we're just spinning our wheels.

>> Well, all of the enterprise distro's are shipping with some JRE these
>> days.  And if there is a full open source JRE which can be certified,
>> then that should be sufficient for the community distro's like Debian.
Sounds good to me.
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