[lsb-discuss] Building lsb compliant apps

Robert Schweikert robert.schweikert at mathworks.com
Fri Feb 1 11:33:21 PST 2008

Starting this thread based on discussions that occurred while we were 
discussing how to handle Java. Issues addressed here are important and 
should not be mixed with the Java discussion.

Ted Tso wrote:
"2) A large enterprise application which ships with a JRE, but it is a
JRE which is not LSB certified.  (The JRE could have been LSB
certified if it was built with the LSB build tools, but the JRE
provider chose not to LSB certify it, for whatever reason.)"

Robert Schweikert wrote:
"In this case the ISV can put pressure on the JRE provider to get the 
JRE certified. On the other hand the only requirement an app (or JRE 
implementation) not built with the lsb tool chain will not meet w.r.t. 
LSB spec is the dynamic loader, and we have discussed in the past 
whether requiring a special loader is still the best approach.

Further on this, although of topic w.r.t. our Java discussion, we should 
consider if it is feasible to allow people to build without lsbcc and 
provide a recipe on how to get an LSB compliant application that way."

Ted Tso wrote:
"That's somewhat of a separable question. It's an important one, to be 
sure, in that it would become easier for ISV's to generate LSB compliant 
applications if they didn't need to use a special build environment. 
(Although the build environment is also useful for flagging in advance 
if ISV uses a flag bit to some syscall or symbol that's not defined in 
the LSB.)

But it does serve an interesting and useful purpose in case a 
distribution's native libraries export an LSB incompatible ABI. There 
might be other ways of accomplishing the same goal, though, so maybe 
that's something we could think about revisiting for LSB 4.0. (For 
example, we could require that LSB applications have a magic ELF section 
that indicates it is an LSB application, and that way, if necessary, we 
could replace a distribution's ld-linux.so with one which checks for the 
presence of the ELF section --- and the magic ELF section could be 
easily added via the objcopy command.)"

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