[lsb-discuss] Examining the LSB buglist (help wanted)

Wichmann, Mats D mats.d.wichmann at intel.com
Sat Feb 2 13:28:39 PST 2008

Currently, bugs.linuxbase.org is showing 319 open bugs.

There are two main rollup bugs to observe here:

bug 1025 is the rollup for LSB 4.0 (it has category
rollups underneath it); collectively this set holds
147 of the open bugs.

bug 1910 is the rollup for LSB 3.2 errata; collectively
this set now accounts for two of the open bugs.

Here are the actions I'd like to take in the near
future.  Anybody is welcome to help with this; we'll
continue our "Friday is bug day on IRC" tradition, and
we may continue with the Friday conference call on bugs
which we held the last couple of months of the 3.2 
cycle to make sure progress was being made.

1. Examine the 4.0 bugs to make sure these are things
   we're likely to fix - that is, they still make sense.
   When a bug does not make the cut for a certain release
   it usually gets moved to block the next release rather
   than just being cut loose, but over time some issues
   may go stale, be solved other ways, or we might come
   to the realization that this issue will never reach
   a high enough priority to be addressed.

2. Examine the 170 bugs which do not block anything at all.
   If they're not targeted for being addressed in the
   next year, should they be?  Should they still be open?
   Have these bugs gone stale? Are they maybe issues that
   should be tracked somewhere other than bugzilla (e.g.,
   sometimes long-term enhancement requests will languish
   in a bugtracker and do better being negotiated to go
   onto an "Issues from ISVs" list or something similar).
   Issues about the LF/LSB website used to go here but
   they're almost certainly better tracked somewhere else now.

3. Make sure the information in the bugs is up to date.
   If the state has changed, either through action inside
   the project or outside events, let's get that reflected.

4. When we have finished looking at what should really
   be on the 4.0 buglist, we'll prioritize, this time
   actually using the bug priorities, to see what needs
   to be addressed near-term, what can be done a little
   later, etc.

Along the way, when we're in there poking at the bug
contents, we'll look at some of the suggestions made on
this list for being able to get better information more
quickly out of the bugzilla.

Please help if you can, especially if you're a bug owner -
if there are bugs you should not be owning as your role
has changed, etc. please give them away.  If there's no
obvious owner give them to mats at freestandards.org and I'll
figure out an owner.  But also for bug you don't own -
maybe ones you've reported them, or commented on them,
or othrwise expressed an interest.  Let's get everything
freshened up!


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