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Sat Feb 2 14:33:49 PST 2008

In message <47A31D89.9090507 at mathworks.com>, Robert Schweikert 
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>>> Secondly, is Java relevant any longer?
>Yes, Java is very relevant. Many applications use Java. This means the 
>LSB has to deal with it in some way shape or form.
>From all the responses it appears that option 2 of my previous post is 
>favored, i.e. assure that the LSB has all the necessary interfaces any 
>given JRE needs. As a second step reach out to JRE/JDK implementers to 
>get their version certified. Using this approach might satisfy all 
>concerns/comments posted.

I thought that, in order to legitimately be called Java, any JRE/JDK had 
to pass Sun's test suite. So I would guess that Russ's application he 
talks about is either not a true Java app (ie it relies on Sun 
extensions to the spec), or it relies on a particular version of the 

So the LSB *should* be able to say "if a JRE is present, it supports 
version X of the JRE spec". Any problems can then be laid at the feet of 
the JRE or of the Sun test suite.

That's no comfort for somebody in Russ's position, however, trying to 
debug a problem.

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