[lsb-discuss] Java

Alan Cox alan at lxorguk.ukuu.org.uk
Mon Feb 4 04:08:31 PST 2008

> > My suggestion is, before the JVM situation especially on the
> > non-mainstream architectures does not become better, LSB should
> > not mention Java.
> I'd say LSB should not require Java or specify its features in any 
> detail. There is scope for encouraging people who produce JREs to 
> make them LSB-compliant. 

I think the only role the LSB should have here is defining how a java
based product finds the users preferred jvm, classpath and the like.
Possibly also how it then extracts vendor/version/.. type information for
the jvm so it can tell the user if its compatible. Java has its own
rigorous standards.

Nor should the LSB require java in any form as there is not yet an open
source java, only subsets. This may change and when it has changed and
their is an open source, test passing 'java' moving it from an optional
item with a defined location to a requirement can be addressed


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