[lsb-discuss] Reorganizing the lsb-autobuild list

Jeff Licquia jeff at licquia.org
Tue Feb 5 09:32:08 PST 2008

As of now, we've only had one list for automated messages: 
lsb-autobuild.  There's been a long-standing request for commit 
messages, and we may also want to do autotest messages at some point.

A few of us discussed this, and decided that having one list per 
automatic message didn't make a lot of sense.  Automated mails are 
particularly easy to filter by Subject.  So, instead, we're going to do 
one list for all automated messages.

Since we already have a working list, we're going to rename it to 
"lsb-messages".  Its subscription list will continue to be the same, and 
initially there will be no changes to the kinds of messages posted to 
that list.  When some of the new messages start getting sent, we'll 
announce it on lsb-discuss.

Our scripts won't need to change, as the "lsb-autobuild" address will 
become an alias.  The other messages will be sent to aliases as well, to 
make it easy to re-split the list if we decide to later.

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