[lsb-discuss] LSB conf call notes for 2008-02-06

Jeff Licquia jeff at licquia.org
Wed Feb 6 09:39:07 PST 2008

Attendees: Darrin Davis, Sam, George Kraft, Jeff, Stew, Robert 
Schweikert, Marc Miller, Vladimir, Alexey, Alan Clark, Marvin, Mats, 
Russ Herrold, Carlos, Ted

Anouncement: the lsb-autobuild mailing list has been renamed to 
lsb-messages.  Will be adding more messages to that list: autotesting, 
commit messages, possibly others.

4.0 pages.  We will be working on creating wiki pages for each project 
and linking them to ProjectPlan40.  Ted: most important section of 
ProjectPlan40 is the priority list at the bottom.

Import tool fixes.  Mats: in progress, some manual steps to go through, 
but the resulting data looks good.  Alexey: new version of libtodb, 
supporting C++, in progress.

Library uplift.  Four candidates on the list: glibc, GTK+, X11, OpenGL. 
  Carlos: Qt 4?  Jeff: definitely should be on the list.  ALSA too. 
Mats: libxml2 has been grumbled about.

Google Summer of Code?  Robert: test implementation.  Mats: may be some 
other plans floating around.  Often, standards work isn't very 
compelling, and GSoC can be competitive.  Need to be portrayed as a real 
advancement of the technology.  Example: dynchk was done by a student 
intern, not carried forward to release.  Ted: some low priority tasks, 
such as alien enhancements or adding less popular languages.  Mats: 
self-contained.  Robert: Python compiled file compatibility.  Ted: 
owner?  Jeff will own, at least at the beginning.

DBus.  Mats: do we know what we need to do there?  There is a library 
ABI, may need to describe more than that.  Jeff: talked to John 
Palmieri.  Robert: used?  Carlos: Qt uses it.  Jeff: 14 apps use, 40 
apps require in the database.  Ted: two parts: API integration and 
messages going across.  The messages could change between releases; 
should get advice from domain experts.  George: also widget-specific 
bindings.  Mats will start a page for DBus.  Jeff will email John.

Packaging.  Jeff: Berlin API, upgrade to version 4.  Mats: may have a 
volunteer.  Russ: need implementers on the list, and not just talkers. 
Jeff Johnson has been doing some work.  Also, making alien more 
LSB-aware, filling some holes is good.  Ted: will need to interact with 
Debian on alien work.  Our work should be probably done on lsb-discuss; 
let the packaging list do what it wants.  Robert: Berlin could be 
another GSoC project.  Ted: may also be able to hire a contractor; high 
priority enough that we may not want to rely on GSoC.  Russ: will talk 
to Joey Hess re: alien.  Requirements for Berlin API?  Ted: pretty clear 
what the requirements were at the meeting.  Contractor can create a 
detailed straw-man proposal, run it by rpm/dpkg maintainers.  Jeff: 
adoption is likely to be the difficult part.  Three projects: Berlin, 
rpm version uplift, and alien enhancements.  Mats: have a Berlin page, 
at least; should recycle the current page.

Mats: search is a pain on the wiki.  Ted: looking to hire someone to 
improve infrastructure, wiki improvements part of that.

Robert: can we talk about Java on a call?  Ted: need more information; 
status of open source Java?

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