[lsb-discuss] Interpreting lts_vsx-pcts test failures?

jrc at skylon.demon.co.uk jrc at skylon.demon.co.uk
Thu Feb 7 02:17:33 PST 2008

I have been using parts of the lts_vsx-pcts-3.1.1 test suite to test a
Linux filesystem.  This has shown up a number of test failures.  For
some it is fairly clear where the problem lies.  However, others are
harder to interpret ...

I have unpacked the source and found the MAN directory but attempting
to print them as follows:

$ groff -man -t T.chown > /tmp/xxx.ps
T.chown:24: warning: `deTL' not defined (probable missing space after
T.chown:25: warning: numeric expression expected (got `\')
T.chown:27: warning: `deTI' not defined (probable missing space after
T.chown:32: warning: numeric expression expected (got `\')
T.chown:35: warning: `deUL' not defined (probable missing space after
T.chown:37: warning: numeric expression expected (got `\')
T.chown:40: warning: `deUI' not defined (probable missing space after

produces rather mixed results.  Am I missing some macro definitions?
Is there a better way to print these pages?

The manual pages refer to various assertions.  For example:

    Posix Ref: Component CHOWN Assertion

Is there an online source detailing these assertions or would I need
to obtain the relevent standard document?

Thanks in anticipation
John Connett

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