[lsb-discuss] LSB 3.2 pdf specs now partly available

Wichmann, Mats D mats.d.wichmann at intel.com
Sat Feb 9 12:21:14 PST 2008

I have converted the Core, C++, Printing, Languages,
and TrialUse specifications and put them up on the
refspecs site in pdf format.


However, I am unable to convert the Desktop specifications
as they're apparently too large.  The arch-specific books
are over 1200 pages, and on two different machines,
the conversion simply kills MS-Word.  The Desktop generic
specification is even bigger.

If anyone has a large, fast, windows machine with Word
and Adobe Acrobat (the full product, not the reader)
and would like to take a crack at it, I'd appreciate it.
There are a total of eight specs in question, in each of
the desktop directories there is a .rtf file, and it's
this file that is to be read in by Word and converted
to pdf.  You can initiate the conversion from either
Acrobat or Word, it doesn't seem to make any difference
to the success.  The specs need a little bit of massaging
after the conversion, I'm happy to do this if I can just
get pdfs in the first place.

To those who are wondering, the docbook tools to produce
pdf do not do an adequate job - I just checked again by
building one and the result has lots of problems, so I
think we're stuck with using these tools.  I've tried
Open Office and it doesn't really do a pretty enough job,
and creates no clickable bookmarks, but it is at least
*some* kind of pdf version, so I'll put those up as an
interim step when I get them all done.

-- mats

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