[lsb-discuss] Question of LSB DDK for printing

Tatsuya Saito saitou-t at mxd.nes.nec.co.jp
Tue Feb 12 04:30:03 PST 2008

Hi, Till-san

I develop distribution independent driver package for printer driver.
Of course, I red your good work "WritingAndPackagingPrinterDrivers"[1] to do
Now I have some problems and a question on this document and rpmmacros for
I hope you to help.

1) %adujst_ppds
  I try to use it, but didn't add absolute path on "*cupsFilter".
  You wrote 
    It also adds absolute paths to the filters in the "*cupsFilter" lines 
    and in the "*FoomaticRIPCommandLine" lines.
  in the document.

  On other hand, I can run my filter because %set_cups_links links 
  All files in /opt/supplier/cups/lib/filter into system's CUPS filter
  So I think rpmmacros does not need to add absolute path in %adujst_ppds.

2) %remove_ppd_links
  %remove_ppd_links delete symlink for ppds.
  If other driver's ppds are in %_cupsppd(/opt/supplier/ppds/),
  this macro also delete link.
  In this case, CUPS cannot search other driver's ppds....
  I think this macro needs checking existence of ppds 
  in /opt/supplier/ppds/ before deleting.

3) %remove_ppd_links on rpmmacros
  Following lines in %remove_ppd_links.
    # Remove link to PPD file directory \
    [ -h $ppddir/%{name} ] && rm -f $ppddir/%{name} \
  But $set_ppd_links to make symlink for ppd is written follow:
    # Make PPD files available to CUPS \
    ln -s %{_cupsppd} $ppddir/%{supplier} 2>/dev/null || true \

  The symlink name should be adjusted $ppddir/%{supplier}.

4) %set_opt_paths and %init_scriptlet
  My spec file includes these macros, but not adds /opt/supplier/bin
  to PATH env after install.
  It means my executable modules in /opt/supplier/bin cannot run...

5) Testing on buildenv or LSB simple implementation
  For testing, I try to print some postscript on lsb-buildenv.
  Of course, I red your document and LSB tutorial and make environment
  with LSB3.1 rpms and LSB DDK.
  But I have following lpr command error...
    lpr: connect: No such file or directory
    jobs queued, but cannot start daemon.
  I thought it may be my driver's problem, so tried splix driver[3] on 
  same environment. I failed too...
  Do you know this error case with LSB DDK?


[2] http://www.openprinting.org/download/printdriver/auxfiles/rpmmacros

Tatsuya Saito
NEC Soft,Ltd.

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