[lsb-discuss] LSB workgroup meeting and LSB Collaboration Summit: April 8-12

Theodore Ts'o tytso at MIT.EDU
Wed Feb 13 03:29:47 PST 2008

Hey guys,

My apologies if you've received this via other channels, but if you
haven't yet registered, if you're thinking about attending the LSB
Workgroup meeting and/or the LF Collaboration Summit, please register at
the registration link ASAP.

We still need to finalize the Agenda, but based on feedback gathered
from the LSB call, what seems to make sense is that LSB workgroup
members are strongly encouraged to attend on the first plenary day of
April 8th, but we won't have any LSB-specific items scheduled for Monday
or Tuesday; we'll probably schedule a half-day "public" meeting that
will cover the public agenda and give time for ISV's and other
non-regular LSB wg attendees to give us feedback for the 4.0 agenda on
Wendesday or Thursday, and have a all-day "Working session" where people
can hack on LSB related items, confer with one another about bug
categorization and/or fix bugs, etc. on the other day.   Friday we'll
have a private all-day working meeting, and then Saturday I plan to have
an all day "team building" day which will probably involve a BBQ and
boating off of Lake Travis.

So that basically means that if you want to attend all of the events for
the LF Collaboration Summit and the LSB workgroup meeting, it would be
best to plan to arrive in Austin on the afternoon/evening of Monday,
April 7th, and fly out on Sunday, April 13th.


						- Ted


We are pleased to announce the speaker lineup for the upcoming Linux
Foundation Collaboration Summit at the UT Austin Supercomputing
Center. The speakers, like the attendees of the summit, represent
leaders from the developer, industry and end user communities
surrounding Linux.  Don't miss the opportunity to collaborate with
these individuals on April 8-10, 2008 at the UT Austin Supercomputing Center.

Apply for registration here:

Speakers for the Panel and Keynote Showcase on April 8 already include:

-- Kernel maintainers and developers James Bottomley, Jon Corbet, Dave
Jones, Christoph Lameter,  Chris Wright and others will discuss
the state of the Linux kernel community

-- Dan Frye, head of IBM's Linux Technology Center, Christine
Martino, vice president of the Open Source & Linux Organization at HP
and Wem Coekaerts, vice president of Linux Engineering for Oracle will share
their perspective on what Linux means to their companies and
where it's headed

-- Senior representatives from LiMO, Open Handset Alliance and LiPS
will discuss Linux and mobile: why it's so strong and where it's going

-- Linux is now shipping on multiple hardware offerings. Hear from
John Hull from Dell, Bdale Garbee of HP and representatives of ASUS, Everex
and Lenovo on why they chose Linux and what they need from the Linux
community to make it succeed

-- IDC Analyst Al Gillen will share important new data on Linux
deployment worldwide

-- MySQL CEO Marten Mikos will discuss his company's recent billion
dollar acquisition by Sun Microsystems

This is truly an unbelievable assortment of people. Last year's event
filled up quickly. Please apply to attend this event if you feel you
should be there: https://www.linux-foundation.org/events/collaboration

This unique, invitation-only event bring together the brightest minds
in the Linux ecosystem from the kernel, end user, desktop, legal and
vendor communities to collaborate on the advancement of the Linux
platform. Attendees can expect purposive discussion, examination and
debate through engaging plenary session content and workgroup
meetings. Breakout sessions contain all the domain expertise and key
players necessary to make immediate contributions to the platform.

You can see more detailed agenda information here: (link to page)

This is a *free* event for LF members or key individuals needed to
advance the Linux platform.

Additional benefits include:
• Special networking evening reception "Shark vs. Penguin" on Tuesday
night in downtown Austin. Food, drinks and transportation provided.

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